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This website summarizes a professional website of the top brands of foreign instruments and meters. With a comprehensive power, petrochemical, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy and aerospace, military, automobile manufacturing, consumer electronics required for various types of testing and calibration instruments and meters. The original intention of the website was to make these instruments appear in front of the users in the most detailed, comprehensive and novel way. We not only have high quality instrument and meter products, but also have comprehensive technical articles and latest instruments and meters consultation. The main business of this website is Shenzhen YINFEI Electronic. We only recommend customers to use the reputation of one hundred meters instrument. Let each user become a lifetime customer of one hundred point instrument network (Yin Fei).

Shenzhen YINFEI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. Mainly engaged in production, research and development, testing, calibration, instrumentation, sales and agents of instruments and meters, power equipment, thermal instruments, calibration equipment, aviation equipment and tools, accessories and so on. Our products meet the industrial field and laboratory standards, the industry is also widely used in the global petroleum and chemical industry, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, military, environmental protection, electronics manufacturing, papermaking, tobacco, bio medicine, Institute of medicine.

Professional to meet the user's verification, testing, maintenance, technical transformation and other instrumentation and calibration instrument spare parts requirements, is the customer's most trusted partner. Silver flying has always adhered to by reducing the intermediate link for enterprises to reduce spare parts procurement cost, build a unique competitive market platform for users.
We are equipped with a small laboratory in Shenzhen, to provide the mechanical and physical properties, temperature calibration, pressure calibration, signal calibration, power testing, element analysis test equipment Provide convenience for customer testing and commissioning. We have a professional team to provide professional technical support and maintenance services for users.

Address: 2217 Floor 22,Block A,Qunxing Plaza,HuaQiang North Road,FuTian District,ShenZhen,GuangDong,China.

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