Avionics DT400H ARINC 429 DATABUS Analyzer

Avionics DT400H ARINC 429 DATABUS Analyzer, A powerful performer in one small hand-held box
• Lightweight, hand-held unit
• 16-line, backlit display
• User-friendly operation
• Record up to 240 screens for later download to PC/printer
• Many labels displayed simultaneously
• Fully compatible with all other DATATRAC
test equipment and PC-based support
Avionics DT400H ARINC 429


• Proven reliability!
providing powerful capabilities in a lightweight, durable unit you can pack in a briefcase or carry to the flight line.
This miniaturized version of the DT400 provides the same mature,
field-proven features including breakpoint troubleshooting mode,16-label recorder, 128-label transmitter, RS-232C port, D/A conversion, Williamsburg protocol analyzer and much more.
The LCD display is backlit for easy viewing anywhere, and batteries permit over six hours of operation between recharges.
Advantages of the large display screen include:
• Bite Messages - User-friendly operation is only possible when the display screen can show complete setup menus and help screens.
The 16-line display easily accommodates the ARINC 604 normal or interactive mode formats. Also, 350-label maintenance information can be read using a pre-stored database for 700 series equipment. Record up to 240 screens for later download to a
PC/printer. The BITE mode supports systems on the 737-300,747-400, MD-11, and A320/330/340.
• Many labels simultaneously displayed - Data from two buses can be displayed in nine formats: hex, binary, ASCII, engineering units, user programmed, etc. Database conforms to 429-15 and includes Boeing labels for AVM, EIS, EICAS, FSEU, and FQIS.



Bus Frequency:12-14.5 kHz or 100 kHz (selectable)
Input Levels:+ 6.5 VDC to + 13.5 VDC (A to B)
Input Impedance:12.0 Kohms
Word Update:1 ms to 10 sec, update rate displayed as instantaneous, min or max value
Display Format:Engineering units with pre-stored scaling based on equipment IDs,hexadecimal (full or data field); binary (full or data field); user defined;graphic plots; or ASCII character
Maximum Words:256 per SDI per channel
Bus Activity Monitor:Monitors loss of individual words; sensitivity selectable
Real-time Download/Conversion:RS-232C or 12-bit DAC port 


Bus Frequency:12.5 kHz or 100 kHz
Output Levels:+ 10.0 VDC (A to B)
Output Impedance:75 ohms
Word Update:1 ms to 10 sec (selectable)
Burst Mode:01 to 99 burst output at selectable rate
Display Format:Engineering units with pre-stored scaling based on equipment IDs, hexadecimal (full or data field); binary (full
or data field); user defined; or ASCII character.
Maximum Words:128 per channel
Transmit Word Gap:4 bits
Dynamic Transmit:Repeat pattern of ramps and flat segments. Levels programmable between + full scale and segment times or 0 to 999.999 sec


Label Sequence:A, B, A or B, A then B, B then A
Data Conditions:EQ, NEQ, OR, GT, LT, /GT/, /LT/
Event Count:1 to 99 before break
History:Up to 24,540 words in a programmable window about the breakpoint; selectable time stamp
Trigger Pulse:5V, 0.02 ms


Channels:Up to 16 selectable labels
Sample Interval:1 ms to 10 sec (selectable)
Record Capacity:120 Kbytes (e.g., 8.5 hours of single label at 1/sec)
Playback Options:Graphic plots, data lists, DAC, RS-232C Bite Operation
BITE Formats:Compatible with distributed and centralized BITE concept used on 747-400, 737-300, MD-11, A320, A330, and A340 aircraft
Menu Display:Standard 14-line x 24-character menu with selectable menu choices
Simulation:Select NULL, DC1, DC2, or DC4 command outputs to simulate various flight phases
Maintenance Words:Displays 350/351 label maintenance bits. Bit status along with prestored text presented
Recording Feature:Save up to 240 BITE screens for later viewing or downloading
Reference:ARINC 429-15; Boeing labels for AVM, EIS, FSEU, EICAS, and FQIS
Power Requirements:110 or 220 VAC, 50-400 Hz AC adapter, internal NiCad battery


Weight:3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)
Size:6.3" x 9.75" x 2" (16 cm x 24.75 cm x 5 cm)


When ordering please quote the full ordering number information.
DT400H-00-110,ARINC 429 databus analyzer, 110 V
DT400H-00-220,ARINC 429 databus analyzer, 220 V
DT400H-01-110,ARINC 429 databus analyzer w/ Williamsburg Protocol, 110 V
DT400H-01-220,ARINC 429 databus analyzer w/ Williamsburg Protocol, 220 V
Standard Accessories:Battery charger, carrying case
Optional Accessories
ACPCMGR-400,Software support for DT400/DT400H
ACRS232CBL,DT400/400H/600/650 RS-232 Cable
Extended Warranty
WDTRC/203C,Extended standard warranty 36 months with scheduled calibration
WDTRC/205C,Extended standard warranty 60 months with scheduled calibration
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