Crystal HPC40Pressure calibrator

HPC40 series portable pressure calibrator is the world's first from -20 to 50 DEG C temperature compensation circuit in mA / pressure calibrator. You can get the same high accuracy, whether it's measuring pressure, current, or temperature.

Reading accuracy 0.035%

- the maximum gauge pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure of 15000 psi / 1000 bar / 100 MPa

Advanced, simple, non menu interface

• measure and output external loop power supply or internal 24 VDC loop power supply mA signal

A high precision thermometer with a "true ohm" technology

• storage and call before using the screen

• flexible power options including charging power supply

HPC40 series with the use of our pump system can be used to form a complete calibration kit.


-N CPFNPT connector kit (part number 4013) includes MPF-1/8QTF, MPF-1/4QTF and MPF-1/2QTF)

-B CPF BSP connector kit (part number 4015) includes MPF-1/8BSPF, MPF-1/4BSPF, MPF-3/8BSPF and MPF-1/2BSPF)


AHX includes a T-970 gas operated pump (0 to 580 psi / 40 bar)

3368 test lead Kit (included)

5241 protective cover (included)

3951 Mini USB cable (included)

5203 suitable for XP2i, M1, 30 series and HPC40 magnetic sling

3009 rigid portable box - egg box foam.

2888 wind and rain hard portable box - die - cutting foam

127387 RTD probe, Pt100

54904 AA rechargeable battery (a pack of 4)


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