Jofra ITC155A temperature calibrator

AMETEK JOFRA ITC series industrial dry block calibrator

Jofra ITC series industrial dry temperature calibrator has good portability and easy operation, at the same time with excellent accuracy and performance, the price is also cheaper.

Product performance

The ITC series temperature calibrator is used with the CTC series similar to the sturdy and lightweight design. Panel design is simple and intuitive, LCD screen using LCD. The interior design uses a dual zone heating and MVI and other high-end products technology. These features enable ITC to be used both in the field and in the laboratory.

Improved temperature uniformity

The unique dual zone design ensures the temperature uniformity of the heating or cooling calibration area

Enhanced stability

MVI circuit ensures the stability of the temperature when the power supply voltage fluctuations

Time saving calibration

Automatic switch test and automatic stepping function

Data processing function

RS232 communication interface and AMECAL-TEMPERATURE software are standard configuration

ITC-155 heating and cooling module

The ITC-155 heating and cooling module Pitel element uses multi segment technology, which greatly improves the efficiency and extends the life of the component

Pitel effect (ITC-155)

Jofra ITC-155A temperature calibrator, Pitel effect (ITC-155)

In 1834, French physicist JEAN PELTIER found that the circuit is connected to the thermocouple can be observed on "reverse effect": the end of thermocouple thermocouple absorbs heat and the other end of the heat release. This is Pitel Pitel. The actual effect element (electronic heat pump) includes many connected arranged in parallel circuit in semiconductor materials. These thermoelectric elements and their electrical connection is fixed between the two ceramic plates. The ceramic plate used for fixing the whole structure and the insulation between the elements.

Intuitive simple operation

All functions can be operated directly on the panel, heating area design position and operation panel separation, so as to protect the operator. The main function of ITC is a key corresponding to a function, no complicated menus. The LCD display is clear and easy to read, and the current state of icon prompts.

Jofra ITC-155A temperature calibrator, intuitive and simple operation

Operation and setting

Fast through the up and down arrow keys to set the temperature of 0.1 DEG C. In addition, the resolution can also set the unit stability standard, display resolution, contrast, slope (heating rate), automatic step set and maximum temperature setting.

Stability indicator

When the calibration instrument reaches the set temperature and number of a bold will remain stable on the screen after the sign. The operator can change the stability conditions to achieve more stringent calibration results. 5 minutes before the calibration to achieve stability, there will be a countdown sign to achieve a stable time.

Automatic switch test

The use of automatic switching test function to record the temperature of the temperature of the opening and closing of the switch can save calibration time. And can also display the dead value between two points. Just press the switch test key can be automatic switch test.

Jofra ITC-155A temperature calibrator, automatic switch test

Automatic stepping

Up to 9 steps can be set up automatically, including the stability of each step. This feature allows the ITC to be placed on the site to automatically control the temperature, the operator can observe the sensor data in the control room.

Recalibration and adjustment

The new ITC calibration method is very simple, no software or screwdriver, only need a standard reference thermometer. The reference thermometer is inserted into the instrument, in accordance with the instructions on the screen can be re calibrated. A lot of Metrology departments or calibration laboratories can do this work, and can issue calibration certificate.

Calibration software

All ITC with AMECAL-TEMPERATURE software. This software is a WINDOWS application software, you can set different calibration procedures, simple and intuitive operation. Calibration data can be stored in the computer for later call analysis. AMETEK-TEMPERATURE software support all RS232 interface with the JOFRA body calibration instrument including JOFRA DTI1000 high precision thermometer. In semi-automatic calibration applications, the software can also support the liquid trough, such as freezing point.

ITC series has the following models:

ITC-155A, ITC-320A, ITC-650A

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