Jofra ITC series temperature calibrator

ITC series has a good portability, and easy to operate, and has excellent accuracy and performance, the price is also cheaper. The switch and the step function have a one on one button, and the MVI circuit can keep the temperature stable when the power supply fluctuates.

The ITC series also offers a dual zone temperature control function to maintain good temperature uniformity in the casing hole.

• operating temperature range -23 to 650 DEG C, offers 3 models

Accuracy + 0.18 DEG C, stability + + 0.02

Dry calibration instrument

Backlit display - readable and useful icon

Light weight, easy to carry

Porous sleeve Kit

• in the case of power fluctuations, the MVI circuit ensures stability

Automatic switch test and auto stepping


ITC-155 -23 to 155 degrees C (-9 to 311 DEG F)

ITC-320 33 to 320 C (91 to 608 DEG F)

ITC-650 33 to 650 C (91 to 1202 DEG F)

115 115VAC power supply

230 230VAC power supply

Power 9 different power cable types (see table for details)

Inserts can choose undrilling, hole (see table)

F traceable certificate

H ISO17025 accreditation certificate

C padded mattress with straps for soft stool


125002 Edgeport converter with 4 RS232 ports

125068 sensor strut assembly (2 handles, 2 clamps)

125066 sensor handle additional fixture

125067 additional sensor handle

123396 portable box

122832 cleaning brush (4 mm; a pack of 3)

60F174 cleaning brush (6 mm; a pack of 3)

122822 cleaning brush (8 mm; a pack of 3)

123374 heat shield Kit (4 mm reference hole, 3)

125510 heat shield Kit (1/4 in. reference hole, 3)

104216 heat shield

ITC series has the following models:

ITC-155A, ITC-320A, ITC-650A

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