Jofra ETC400R temperature calibrator

ETC400R 33 to 400 DEG C

Accuracy 0.4%Rdg

Quick heating

Software interface, calibration software

Portable and easy to carry

The utility model can be used for calibrating the thermal resistance and thermocouple / temperature switches with various diameters, and the utility model is suitable for the occasions of rapid calibration and can be carried to the field.



Temperature range from 33 DEG C to 400 C

Heating time 5 minutes

Stability 0.3 DEG C

Accuracy 0.4%Rdg

Calibration hole depth -

Size 168 X 72 X 182

Weight 1.5kg

Standard configuration calibrator, traceability certificate, English calibration software, communication cable, power cord

Casing options (only one option is required, when ordering):

Bushing options, Jofra ETC-400R series temperature calibrator

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