Jofra MTC Series temperature calibrator

MTC series is a fast, time saving, cost-effective calibration instrument designed for the marine industry. Use the recommended calibration cycle for one year, maximize accuracy, or extend the calibration cycle to three years, reduce the cost of ownership and reduce the cost associated with recalibration and asset management by up to $66%.

Simple and easy to use, a button corresponding to a function to avoid the sub menu or a combination of multiple keys generated confusion. Direct access to the main screen automatic switch test and automatic step and other major functions. Large backlit display provides dedicated icons that can help identify the status and operation of the instrument.

• operating temperature range -17 to 650 DEG C, offers 3 models

• the accuracy of one year is 0.4 DEG C, the stability is + - 0.05

• three year accuracy of + 0.8 C, stability + + 0.05

Dry calibration instrument

• heat up to 320 DEG C for 4 minutes, heating to 650 DEG C for 10 minutes.

Light weight, easy to carry

Porous sleeve Kit

• in the case of power fluctuations, the MVI circuit ensures stability


- MTC-140A -17 to 140 DEG C (1 to 284 DEG F)

MTC-320A 33 to 320 C (91 to 608 DEG F)

MTC-320B 33 to 320 C (91 to 608 DEG F)

MTC-650A 33 to 650 C (91 to 1202 DEG F)

115 115VAC power supply

230 230VAC power supply

Power 9 different power cable types (see table for details)

Inserts can choose undrilling, hole (see table)

F traceable certificate

H ISO17025 accreditation certificate

C portable box


125002 Edgeport converter with 4 RS232 ports

125068 sensor strut assembly (2 handles, 2 clamps)

125066 sensor handle additional fixture

125067 additional sensor handle

123408 portable box (A model)

123469 heat shield Kit (3)

122832 cleaning brush (4 mm; a pack of 3)

60F174 cleaning brush (6 mm; a pack of 3)

122822 cleaning brush (8 mm; a pack of 3)

105173 heat shield Kit (10 pieces)

104216 heat shield

MTC series has the following models:

MTC-140A, MTC-320A, MTC-650A

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