Jofra CSC100 Voltage and current calibrator

AMETEK JOFRA CSC100 is a portable voltage and current calibrator with voltage and current measurement and analog output functions.

Measurement and output / simulation of multiple signals:


0~200.00mV out function.

0~28V measurement

0~20V output

High accuracy:

Accuracy of up to 0.015%

Automatic / manual stepping function

Can be manually or automatically to the 25% magnitude of the output current of 4~20mA, can quickly and easily test the valve and other instruments

Multiple current mode

Can use built-in or external power supply to measure current

Direct output current to load

Can replace the transmitter "analog" current in the loop

Simple and intuitive operation

Use the knob to adjust the output value quickly and easily

Large screen display a variety of information

Random portable bag

- no need to remove the instrument packages can be used

Technical index

The accuracy of parameter measurement or output range / graduation number 12 months

MA current measurement or output 0.000~24.000mA 0.015%rdg+2uA

MV voltage measurement or output 0~200.00mV 0.02%rdg+20uV

V voltage measurement 0.000~28.000V 0.015%rdg+2mV

Output 0.000~20.000V 0.015%rdg+2mV

General index

Battery: 1 9V batteries

Size: 188x84x52mm

Weight: 400g

Operating temperature: -10~50

Standard configuration: host, Penpen, roolls, NIST traceable certificate, 1 batteries, manual

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