CrystalCalHP Booster pump

Calibration in the field or in the laboratory!

The portable instrument and transmitter calibration system is 7 to 10 times faster than the piston gauge. It allows you to do a 10 point up and down calibration in less than 3 minutes, including a printout of the calibration certificate.

The system includes GaugeCalHP pressure comparison, FastCalXP software, three XP2i digital pressure gauge, CPF high pressure pipe fittings, as well as a variety of accessories, so that the calibration instrument is fast and simple.

• instrument / chart recorder / transmitter calibration system

Reduce transcription / computational errors

• use the XP2i as a reference or use the 30 series as a reference, when reading accuracy up to 5000 pounds (300 bar) of 0.05%, when the reading accuracy of up to 15000 pounds (1000 bar)

Easy to use and install, the wizard guides you through the installation

• including the case of wind and rain can be used as a portable bench



GaugeCalHP pressure comparator (maximum operating pressure 15000 psi)

5103 repair kit

5102 trim Kit (installed)

MPF15K-1/4FPT 1/4 "NPT female connector (2)

MPF-1/8QTF 1/8 "NPT quick test connector

MPF-1/4QTF 1/4 "NPT quick test connector

MPF-1/2QTF 1/2 "NPT quick test connector

MPF-1/8BSPF G 1/8 female connector

MPF-1/4BSPF G 1/4 female connector

MPF-3/8BSPF G 3/8 female connector

MPF-1/2BSPF G 1/2 female connector

MPF-QCN quick connect nut

FastCalXP USB license key, CD and manual

MPF-CAP CPF male connector cap (2)

5354 FastCalXP USB foot switch

3313 adapter - USB A socket for RS232 DB9M

5101 wind and rain hard portable box with roller (including shoulder strap and container)

-PSI contains 3 XP2i psi meters (15000 psi, 5000 psi and 1000 psi) CrystalCalHP system

-BAR contains 3 XP2i bar meters (1000 bar, 300 bar and 70 bar) CrystalCalHP system

-KPA contains 3 XP2i kPa meters (100000 kPa, 30000 kPa and 7000 kPa) CrystalCalHP system

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