Crystal XP2i Pressure recorder

The world's most popular pressure gauge

Intrinsically safe digital measuring instrument is super strong, reading accuracy of 0.1%

• now offers up to 15000 psi maximum working pressure

• marine grade corrosion resistant enclosure

• -10 to 50 DEG C temperature range accuracy is not affected

• replace at least 5 common digital pressure gauges

Fast pressure relief valve (PSV) mode

Customizable pressure unit

Easy to use, no menu operation. No manuals? No problem!

Use the optional DataLoggerXP upgrade

• record 32000 data points

• battery optimized for ultra low power (ULP) mode

Continuous recording of a full year

Dual line display XP2i now available


-DD dual line display -- on the screen increases second line display, can be set up to display the average value, peak value, leakage rate, can also display the pressure in the connection of second pressure gauges by ordinary DB-9 cable modem. Ideal for pressure relief valves and leakage testing. When used with optional DataLoggerXP, the second line shows the number of available data points.

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