Jofra ETC Series temperature calibrator

ETC series dry type temperature calibrator is very suitable for the time to play a decisive role and the application of high precision requirements. Dry furnace temperature 100 degrees per minute, can reach a stable state in just 3 minutes! Calibration instrument of small size, light weight, can be loaded into the toolbox, very suitable for inaccessible place in the field of sensor detection.

Rugged construction with stainless steel and rubber side panels for years working in an industrial environment.

• operating temperature range -10 to 400 DEG C, offers 3 models

Accuracy + 0.5 DEG C, stability + + 0.05

• save time, rapid cooling and heating

• clear and readable multi information display

With the countdown timer can be customized stability indicator

• set the required precise temperature at a resolution of 0.1 degrees C

Light weight, easy to carry


ETC-125A -18 to 125 DEG C (14 to 257 F)

ETC-400A 28 to 400 DEG C (82 to 752 DEG F)

ETC-400R 28 to 400 DEG C (82 to 752 DEG F)

115 115VAC power supply

230 230VAC power supply

MUL multi voltage, 115 and 230 VAC (only for ETC125 A)

Power 9 different power cable types (see table for details)

Inserts can choose undrilling, hole (see table)

F traceable certificate

H ISO17025 accreditation certificate

C portable box


124094 portable box

124004 shoulder strap with hook

122832 cleaning brush (4 mm; a pack of 3)

60F174 cleaning brush (6 mm; a pack of 3)

122822 cleaning brush (8 mm; a pack of 3)

125002 Edgeport converter with 4 RS232 ports

123939 undrilling casing (undrilling)

124045 pre perforated casing (3/8 in.)

123938 pre perforated casing (8 mm)

123958 RS232 cable with stereo plug connection (2 m) - only for adjustment

ETC series has the following models:

ETC-125A, ETC-400A, ETC-400R

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