GaugeCalHP pressure comparison pump (system G)

GaugeCalHP is a portable, self-contained, complete hydraulic generator for calibrating pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors and safety valves. It is much faster than the weight tester and the highest degree of automation of the pressure controller, easy to use and easy to use, very suitable for the calibration of those who often omit the ISO9000 compliance audit process of low-cost instruments.

• maximum operating pressure 15000 psi / 1000 bar / 100 MPa

• maximum vacuum -12.5 psi / -0.8 bar / -86 kPa

In the absence of a flow of liquid in a 0.01 inch (0.025 mbar) accuracy of up to 400 "H2O (995 mbar) pressure. Calibration of differential pressure transmitter becomes easy.

• easy test of large scale instruments through a unique rotating manifold

• quickly exhaust the air and capture the liquid through a poorly soiled drip tray

• built in instrument safety ventilation system to prevent mechanical damage

Use water, light oil or air


GOX includes a GaugeCalHP hydraulic comparator (0 to 15000 psi for oil)

GWX includes a GaugeCalHP hydraulic comparator (0 to 15000 psi for water)


XP2i reading accuracy of 0.1% digital pressure gauge. Rugged intrinsically safe digital pressure meter reading accuracy reached 0.1%.

30 series can be easily put into the pocket of a wide range of pressure gauge, reading accuracy of 0.05%. No external sensors required! All devices are built-in!

4013 CPF fast test NPT Suite - including MPF-1/8QTF, MPF-1/4QTF and MPF-1/2QTF

4015 CPF BSP Suite - including MPF-1/8BSPF, MPF-1/4BSPF, MPF-3/8BSPF and MPF-1/2BSPF

5101 wind and rain hard portable box with roller (including shoulder strap and container)

4501 3/8 "NPT female connector

4714 1/4 "NPT male connector

4715 1/4 "NPT female connector

4494 3/8 "NPT male connector

4502 3/8 "NPT female connector

4495 1/2 "NPT male connector

4503 1/2 "NPT female connector

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