Jofra ASC400 Multi function calibrator

Our versatile signal calibrator is a versatile process calibrator that incorporates all of the features you want most, including percentage error calculation, calibration, leakage testing and calibration.

Large color display

Advanced and simple user interface

Simultaneous read back and fast RTD simulation

• after connecting to RTD can be used as a "true ohm" technology of high-precision thermometer

Full digital keyboard with cursor and function keys

• calls the saved task both in the upper and lower windows

• provide protection without fuses

Many of the features of ASC-400 include:

• read and output RTD, thermocouple, current, voltage, frequency, resistance, and pulse train output

- with the APM CPF module to use pressure, gauge or absolute calibration

• calibrate the temperature with the use of dry block calibrator

Read clear and high precision

ASC400 has a very large color display and very user-friendly user interface. Its accuracy can meet the high requirements of modern sensor and transmitter calibration

Measurement and output

RTD: 16 different models, TC: 13 different models, current 0-24 mADC, voltage 0-20 VDC, frequency of 0.05 to 10000 Hz, resistor 5-4000, pulse output.

Synchronous read back data and fast RTD simulation include independent mA, V and pressure signal test ports that can work quickly with pulse transmitter and PLC.

Calibration pressure and temperature

The function of pressure calibration instrument, only need to add a APM module, can realize the automatic calibration of pressure switch, pressure leakage test function.U with JOFRA temperature calibration instrument, automatic calibration can achieve the temperature probe and a temperature switch.

Measure temperature

ASC series can be used as a digital thermometer, built-in CVD equation correction factor, in order to obtain high precision temperature value.

ASC400 is a portable field signal calibrator that can be carried to the field as a portable calibration device and can be operated by hand.

ASC400 is much more than an electrical signal calibrator. It can also be used to realize the function of pressure and temperature calibration, which can be used to realize the function of data recording and filing with the Jofracal calibration software, which can be used with APM external pressure module or dry body furnace.

All digital keyboard and function keys and key combinations, greatly enhance the convenience of operation. The new large color screen provides the best reading display.

The ASC400 provides the protection circuit design of the safety tube, the overvoltage protection can reach 220VAC, which makes the electrical signal calibration instrument no longer expensive and fragile instrument, which greatly saves the maintenance cost in the later period.


The BARO BARO module will gauge measurement value is converted into absolute pressure gauge. To use ASC-400 to read pressure, you also need to use the APM advanced pressure module.

H ISO17025 accreditation certificate

A external power supply and charger

B rechargeable battery pack and charger

C padded mattress with straps for soft stool

T PT100 temperature sensor


128108 PT100 probe with 4 Banana plugs (traceable calibration certificate with -40 to 150 DEG C)

121983 K extension cable - 5 m

122523 N extension cable - 5 m

120519 thermocouple plug - Cu-Cu - white

120518 thermocouple plug - R / S - Green

120517 thermocouple plug - K - Green

120516 thermocouple plug - J - Black

120515 thermocouple plug - T - Blue

120514 thermocouple plug - N - Orange

2206011 thermocouple plug + K + alligator clip

2206012 thermocouple plug + T + alligator clip

128859 a set of six AA rechargeable batteries

124720 external power supply / charger - 230VAC/115VAC

65-PT100-LB-CABLE 2 m (6.6 ft) cable with LEMO / Banana connector

104203 test leads with black and red clip

128847 USB Mini cable (included)

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