Jofra DTI1000 Thermometer

DTI-1000 digital thermometer is a fully traceable thermometer is recommended as a reference instrument that can be used to verify the temperature calibrator for any type of temperature of the true value, and dry type tank calibration instrument is applicable. Its superior performance, coupled with the long history of our reliable, low drift calibration instruments, makes this indicator a standard for many national laboratories worldwide.

With our "smart" reference temperature sensor used, it can become a fully traceable thermometer. Very suitable for high precision monitoring applications.


With the use of STS series temperature sensor, can achieve up to + 0.04 degrees Celsius system accuracy

Wide temperature range -200 to 750 DEG C

Resolution of 0.001 degrees C

Dual channel input with differential option

• select a variety of sensors (linear, 90 degrees, with cables, etc.) to meet your application needs

• the use of "true ohm" measurement techniques to eliminate electromagnetic fields in cables, sockets and sensors


124720 external power supply / charger - 230VAC/115VAC

1247161.5 V rechargeable battery (4 AA batteries)

124718 rechargeable battery charger (115/230 VAC)

125002 Edgeport converter with 4 RS232 ports

60V991 2 m long RS232 cable

124944 portable box

124315 removable roller for portable box

F traceable certificate

H ISO17025 accreditation certificate

124656-901 DTI-1000 and STS-100 901 probes

124656-250 DTI-1000 and STS-100 250mm probes

124656-350 DTI-1000 and STS-100 350mm probes

124656-500 DTI-1000 and STS-100 500mm probes

124657 DTI-1000 and STS-102 probes

C portable box

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