Jofra RTC157C Temperature calibrator

RTC-157C standard dry oven with reference probe interface and DLC probe interface.

RTC-157C standard dry furnace is American AMETEK company JOFRA RTC series of the latest generation of products, is the temperature calibration instrument is most advanced, the most accurate and most widely temperature range. One of its powerful functions is the dynamic load compensation (DLC) system, which ensures that the casing has a good temperature uniformity - even if the calibration of a large number of sensors or a large number of sensors.

Dual zone heating / cooling RTC-157C offers a number of unique features

MVI- power supply stable circuit

Stable cue

Automatic stepping

USB communication

Display resolution 0.001

Maximum temperature limit

SYNC sync output

Calibrated short sensor

External reference probe interface

External DLC probe interface

Taking the true value as the stability criterion

Load compensation

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