Ametek HL piston gauge

HydraLite tester is an original standard, can be used as self weight tester or measuring instrument. The two instruments are equipped with a cavity type piston and cylinder assembly. This design reduces the leakage rate of the liquid, prolongs the float time, and thus allows the instrument to maintain high accuracy when the test pressure increases. The utility model is provided with a screw pump which is convenient and easy to use as a pressure source, and the utility model comprises a ratchet mechanism.

Reading accuracy 0.05%

• maximum working pressure 3000 psi

Can choose psi, kg/cm - bar and kPa -,

Double piston model adds a combination of single weight Kit

Each tester is a self-contained set of equipment suitable for use in the laboratory or on site.

Cantilever weight cylinder reduces side thrust and friction

Quick leveling system

Optional three tripod

• overvoltage protection prevents piston damage


MGAA/QT hydraulic oil - Quart

MGAA/GL hydraulic oil - gallon

99-90019 oil distributor

T-786 adapter - 1/4 "BSP female connector for connecting hose

60I104 Teflon tape roll

101549 adhesive seal - suitable for 1/2 "BSP

60R120 bonded seal - suitable for 1/4 "BSP

60R122 bonded seal - suitable for 1/8 "BSP

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