Jofra PTC660B temperature calibrator

Unique temperature characteristics

The PTC series dry oven can be used for precise calibration of various types of temperature probes, thanks to the innovative use of dual zone heating technology. Each heating zone can be controlled separately, so the user can carry out accurate temperature measurement. The consistency of the temperature at the bottom of the thermostat is very close to that of the laboratory. The following heating area ensures the proper heat consumption of the whole thermostat, and the upper heating area compensates for the heat loss of the upper part of the thermostat and the measured sensor. This unique design eliminates the need for thermal insulation of the probe, and can also be calibrated with a liquid filled or other mechanical probe.

MVI- improve temperature stability

MVI stands for "Mains power Immunity'", i.e., power fluctuation cancellation (Variance). The unstable power supply is the main reason for the accuracy of the field calibrator.

JOFRA RTC dry furnace using MVI technology, can avoid the problem of instability. The MVI circuit monitors the supply voltage and ensures that the heating element is stable.

External temperature reference probe to improve calibration accuracy

The JOFRA PTC series B and C can be built using a built-in temperature probe or an external reference probe. Not only can be used directly in the field, but also can provide a higher accuracy in the laboratory. The temperature value of the built-in reference probe and the external reference probe can be directly displayed on the screen. When the temperature of the thermostat is required to be equal to the set point temperature, the external reference temperature control can also be used.

PTC series is divided into the following models:

PTC-156 series: PTC-125A, PTC-125B, PTC-125C

PTC-157 series: PTC-155A, PTC-155B, PTC-155C

PTC-158 series: PTC-350A, PTC-350B, PTC-350C

PTC-159 series: PTC-660A, PTC-660B, PTC-660C

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