JOFRA RTC-159ATemperature Calibrator

Perfect temperature
homogeneity in the insert
Even when calibrating large sensors or many sensors at once, the unique dynamic load compensation (DLC) system in combinationwith JOFRA′s active dual-zone technology ensures perfect temperature homogeneity.(B and C models only)
Fastest calibration
possible The efficient free piston stirling cooler (FPSC) technology is used to secure fast cooling and heating temperature
High accuracy Down to ±0.06°C (±0.11°F) using the external reference sensor. 4-wire True-Ohm-Measurement technology is used
High accuracy
Down to ±0.06°C (±0.11°F) using the external reference sensor. 4-wire True-Ohm- Measurement technology is used
Widest temperature range
From -100 to 155°C (-148 to 311°F)
Easy to carry
Weighing only 15 kg, the RTC-159 is by farthe lightest and most portable ultra cooler on the market
Intelligent reference sensor
communication JOFRA reference sensors are supplied with intelligent plugs, holding the calibration data (coefficients) of the reference sensor. This is a truly plug & play calibration system.
Best performing dry-block with regard to theEURAMET/cg-13 guideline for testing of dry
USB connector for
All RTC calibrators communicate via an
easy-to-use USB port
The RTC series of calibrators provides precision temperature calibration of sensors, whatever the type or format.
The JOFRA RTC-series features our well-known active dualzone heating technology. Each heating zone is independently controlled for precision temperature calibration. The homogeneity in the lower part is close to that of a laboratory liquid bath. The lower zone ensures optimum heat dissipation Throughout the entire calibration zone. The upper zonecompensates for heat loss from the sensor-under-test and from the open top. This design also eliminates the need for extra insulation of sensors-under-test and makes it possible to calibrate any type of mechanical sensors.
The RTC-159 can perform calibration over a very wide temperature range starting from -100°C and up to 155°C(-148 to 311°F). This makes it possible to perform calibration of sensors in applications ranging from ultra-coolers to autoclaves.
Reading of Sensor-Under-Test (Model B only)
Model B is equipped with a built-in accurate measuring circuit for sensor-under-test (input), which enables measurement of virtually any type of temperature sensors including:
Resistance thermometers (RTD), thermocouples (TC),transmitters, milliamps (mA), voltage (V) and thermostats.
RTC calibrators can be user-programmed from the keyboard for fully-automatic sensor calibrations. Once the unit is programmed, the instrument is self-operating and performs the configured calibration routine. All calibration data and results are stored and can be read on the display.
Switch test (Model B only)
Users may perform a thermoswitch test and find “Open”,“Closed” and the hysteresis (deadband) automatically. Theinstrument retains the last twenty test results.
If you want to learn more, please contact Yinfei。
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