DPI 620 Genii Portable Multifunction Calibrator

 Druck DPI 620 Genii Series are easy to use, rugged, and highly accurate multifunction instruments for calibrating & maintaining process instrumentation. Its modular design and functionality means it can be expanded over time and tailored to applications as needs change.  With options that include HART® / Fieldbus / Profibus communications, it’s our most powerful, simple to use and highest accuracy calibrator. Now available with ATEX and IECEx approval for use in zone 1 and zone 2 classified hazardous areas.

The Elite Range

Modular multifunction communication and calibration
The DPI620 Genii and Genii-IS are part of our Elite product range, which gives you state-of-the-art calibration, communication and data integration on the move. Featuring temperature, electrical, frequency and pressure calibration with HART®, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus communications, the Elite range gives you fast, intelligent workflows on the move. Modular design gives you the capability of a full calibration lab, anywhere in the field.
If you need dedicated test and calibration devices, our Essential and Expert ranges have you covered.

DPI620 Genii Features and Benefits

  • 3 tools in 1 – calibrator, test meter and HART® communicator
  • Optional Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus communicator
  • Easy to use including large colour screen and one touch menus
  • Automates procedures, documents results and integrates with calibration software
  • Best in class accuracy for pressure, electrical, temperature and frequency
  • Modular: re-range in the field, configure by application, expand when needs change
  • ATEX and IECEx approval for hazardous use
  • Multi-function capabilities allows significant inventory reductions and simplifies training 
New in Genii IS
  • Genii interface and touch screen
  • Temperature range extended: -10 to 50 oC
  • Improved battery management – exchange in hazardous areas, no tools required
  • Independent battery charge indicator
  • Improved daylight readability of display
  • HART®, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus communicator options
  • Complete device description libraries and free updates
  • Internal mA loop power and communicator power hubs
  • Internal menu selected HART® loop resistor
Pressure Generation Stations:
  • Advanced pressure generation
  • 95% vacuum to 20 bar/300 psi pneumatic
  • 95% vacuum to 100 bar/1500 psi pneumatic
  • 0 to 1000 bar/15,000 psi hydraulic
  • Replace hand pumps
Pressure Measurement Modules:
  • 25 mbar to 1000 bar (10 inH2O to 15000 psi)
  • Accuracy from 0.005%FS
  • Fully interchangeable modules with no need for set-up, calibration or tool.
  • Quick-to-fit pressure adaptors and hoses – no tools or seals required 
The DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator excels in:
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
Other features include:
  • Up to 6 Channels for simultaneous measurement and sourcing of mA, V, Ohms, frequency, pressure, RTDs and T/Cs, HART, Fieldbus
  • Simple and user friendly touch screen interface.
  • Quick launch menu applications such as DASHBOARD, TASK selection & FAVORITES
  • Accuracy from 0.006%RDG + 0.005%FS for mA
  • Pressure accuracy from 0.005%FS
  • Fully documenting – automated procedures, PASS/FAIL errors, results storage
  • Interface to GE calibration software or other leading calibration software packages
  • More than enough storage for a complete plant database of procedures, results and supporting documents

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