IPS-300 UHP Semiconductor Gas Indicating Pressure Switch

Model IPS-300 UHP Semiconductor Gas Indicating Pressure Switch
The IPS300 Ultra High Purity Indicating Pressure Switch is designed to provide economical pressure monitoring with setpoint indication of the high purity, toxic and corrosive gases used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry and gas distribution systems.
In addition to providing accurate (±2% of span) indication of gas pressure, this 2 inch diameter instrument incorporates a magnetically actuated, switch capable of operating low voltage annunciators, lights or relays.
When used with the appropriate pull-up or pull-down resistors,the monitor can be connected to the input port of a microprocessor or to a logic network. It may also be used as an input to a programmable controller.
Moving the colored index on the front dial to the desired set point sets the switch. A small magnet fastened to the indicating pointer actuates the switch. A magnetic latch on the switch permits the switch to remain “on” or “off” after the pointer passes the operating point, without restraint on the indicating pointer.
The switch can be factory ordered to close on increasing pressure (HA) or close on decreasing pressure (LA). The switch action will be noted on the tail of the pointer.
The IPS300 Pressure Switch offers the ease of adjustment and economy that permits field use of several units covering a variety of pressure range set-points. It is also a low cost alternative to analog transducers with A/D conversion for digital input to PLCs and microprocessors.
The IPS Pressure Switch provides many advantages over other instruments, including: fast, easy, accurate setting of set points; pressure and setpoint indication on the same dial face; quick, at a glance monitoring of the pressure and setpoint, and substantial cost savings to the end user.
●Operates low voltage audible/visual alarms and relays
●No switch input power required
●Provides input to logic networks, microprocessors and PLCs
●Ra: 10 μinch (0.25 μm) surface finish on VCR face seal connections
●Helium leak tested to 10-9 scc/sec
●Available in low mount and center-back mount configuration
●Available with VCR face seal fittings or NPT connections
●Switch setpoint adjustments accessible from front of monitor, just twist off window
●Switch setting may be adjusted on or off-line
●Type 316L stainless steel internal surfaces
●Case is 304 stainless steel, electropolished with pressure relief
●Cleaned and packaged for ultra high purity gas applications,exceeds ANSI B40.100
Size: 2 inch diameter
Ranges (PSI or BAR):
Compound: VAC-0-30 psi,
VAC-0-60 psi, VAC-0-100 psi,
VAC-0-200 psi, VAC-0-300 psi
Note: VAC = 30 inches Hg vacuum
Gauge Pressure: 0 to 60, 100, 200, 300, 600, 1000, 2000, 3000,and 4000 psi; dual scales are available (consult factory); proof pressure is 130%
Internal Surface: Type 316L stainless steel
Case: 304 stainless steel, electropolished with pressure relief
Window: One piece, threaded polycarbonate
Set Point Index: Adjustable from 5% to 80% of span
Working Temperature:
Ambient: -4°F (-20°C) to 149°F (65°C)
Fluid: Maximum 212°F (100°C)
Movement: 300 series stainless steel
Dial: White polycarbonate with pointer stop pin
Bourdon Tube: Type 316L seamless stainless steel
Connection: Type 316L stainless steel face seal connection or
1/4 inch NPT; low mount or center-back mount
Surface Finish: VCR face seal connections Ra: 10 μinch
(0.25 μm), 1/4 inch NPT connections 32 Ra, connectors
shipped with protective plastic caps
Connection: 26 AWG, Teflon, 10' (3 meter) leads
Maximum Power: 10 watts DC, 12 VA AC
Maximum Switching Current: 0.5 amps AC/DC noninductive
(consult factory when using for inductive loads such
as relays)
Maximum Switch Voltage: 28 V AC/DC
Indication Accuracy: ±2% of span
Switch Point Accuracy: Switch will operate when pressure is
within ±2% span of full scale
Switch Operation:
End user configurable for set point with factory set choices of:
Closes on decreasing pressure/open on increasing pressure
(LA option);
Closes on increasing pressure/opens on decreasing pressure
(HA option)
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