CTC1205C/A Compact Temperature Calibrator

CTC1205C and CTC1205A Compact Temperature Calibrator
The CTC Series is a fast, time-saving, reliable dry block temperature calibrator designed for on-site use. The large color display is easy-to-read and provides icons and information regarding the status of the calibrator and the calibration in process. Popular functions like automatic switch test and auto stepping are available with special one-key-one-function buttons.   
CTC1205C and CTC1205A Compact Temperature Calibrator. Speed, portability, cleanliness, and wide temperature range are all superior over liquid bath systems.

CTC1205C and CTC1205A Compact Temperature Calibrator
• Temperature range from -25 to 1205°C (-13 to 2201°F) with 6 models
• Accuracy to ± 0.2°C and Stability to ± 0.04°C
• Lightweight and easy to carry
• Multi-hole and/or insert kits
• Input for external reference sensor on all C models
• MVI circuitry ensures stability despite mains supply variations
Dynamic Load Compensation(CTC1205C and CTC1205A Compact Temperature Calibrator)
DLC function makes the homogeneity independent
of the different loads of the insert.
The DLC sensor improves the homogeneity
even more by controlling the homogeneity
not only in the well, but also inside the
insert, where the sensors-under-test are
placed during calibration.
Free calibration software
JOFRACAL is our highly versatile calibration software that is supplied with the
calibrator. The software ensures easy calibration of various temperature sensors,
such as RTD´s, thermocouples, transmitters and thermo switches. It integrates with
all our calibration instruments.
Clamp Sensor Calibration
Most of the temperature sensors used for measurement
within the food industry have to be approved for sanitary
applications. Therefore, the temperature sensors have
been designed in such a way that only a minimal number of
germs or contaminants can conceal themselves on the sensors.
Unfortunately, a side effect of these designs is that the sensors cannot
be calibrated in a standard calibrator. The RTC-156 overcomes that problem
by using a special designed clamp insert together with our short and flexible STS-102
reference sensor.
MVI - Mains Variance Immunity
The cycling of supply power can cause the temperature regulator to perform inconsistently,
leading to both inaccurate readings and unstable temperatures. Our
MVI system eliminates errors from unstable mains power.
Patented Technology
X) The cooling/heating technology used in our ultra coolers makes it possible to
cover a very broad temperature range from -100 to 155°C.
Y) The DLC technology increases the temperature homogeneity and documents it
in the display.
Z) The cooling speed of our heater calibrators for the RTC and PTC Series, is improved
by using a special insulation.
X Advantages
• High Accuracy and Stability
• Fast Calibration
• Easy to Carry
• Intuitive Operation
• Two Year Warranty
• Free Calibration Software
• Innovative Patented Technology
• Dynamic Load Compensation
• Accredited Certificates (Optional)
• Plug & Play Reference Sensors
• Application Specific Inserts
• High Profile Design
* RTD, TC, mA active, mA passive and switch Rev H
Temperature Calibrator
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