FP-106Series precision digital pressure gauge

Description obout the FP-106Series precision digital pressure gauge.FP-106Series is a high precision digital pressure gauge. It is composed of high precision measuring chips, battery circuit  and high precision pressure sensor etc. The pressure gauge can be used for real time measuring and calibrating of general pressure gauge, pointer pressure gauge, pressure sensor,pressure gauge etc.
FP-106Series precision digital pressure gauge has passed the EU intrinsic safety explosion-proof certification and is allowed to mark the product with EX mark.
PFOTEK FP106Series
Features of FP-106Series
Pressure Units: Pa、kPa、MPa 、mmH2O、mmHg、bar、mbar、kgf、psi;
Display: LCD with white backlight,5-digit display;
Overpressure Warning:  The screen will display “Fail” if pressure over 110%FS;
Measuring Speed: User can set it, factory default is 3 times/s;
Working Time: up to 10000 hours (3times/s); if battery power is very low, the FP106G will power off automatically;
Working Conditions: Temperature: -10℃?50℃;
Temperature Compensation: 0℃?50℃;
Storing Temperature: -20℃?70℃;
Power Source: 3דAA” Batteries;
Communication Interface: RS232;
Dimensions: Φ100mm×37mm, total height is132mm;
Weight: 0.45kg;
Pressure Connection: M20×1.5 or on customer’s request;
Re-calibration Period: one year (recommended);
FP-106Series precision digital pressure gauge easy to use
Pressure Units
Press “UNIT” to view and select among the pressure units. The order is Pa、kPa、MPa 、mmH2O、mmHg、bar、mbar、kgf、psi. The conversion relation of all pressure units is as following table 3-4-1.
Pa kPa MPa mmH2O mmHg bar mbar Kgf/cm² psi
1000 1 0.001 102.047 7.50061 0.01 10 0.010197 0.1450377
Figure 3-4 shows the method to switch the different pressure units.

Backlight:    Press“LIGHT” to turn on/off the backlight.

During using process, the following reasons may cause the discrepancy between the display value of the pressure gauge and its actual value:
u Error parameter setting by the user;
u User’s pressure standard is different from manufacturer’s;
u Due to overpressure, over-temperature and time drift, the sensor characteristic has been changed;
User has the following three ways to choose:
1. Restore factory backup data:if there are any user’s parameter error settings or error settings during calibration, user can restore the gauge back to the status before delivery via restoring factory backup data.
2. Two Point Calibration: On the condition that the pressure standard equipment is available, carry two point calibration for the products, including low point calibration and high point calibration.
1) In order to acquire the highest accuracy, please make sure that the pressurized value is equal to the low limit while carrying low point calibration, and it is equal to the high limit while carrying high point calibration. 
2) In order to acquire the highest accuracy, please make sure to carry high point calibration after completing low point calibration. 
3. Multipoint calibration: When the user carries two point calibration, if they think that the product linearity can not meet the accuracy requirement, they can carry multipoint calibration within its measuring range. As the product has been carried temperature compensation, the calibration point and standard pressure value can not be changed.
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