MFT-X1 Multifunction tester

Improve the efficiency of low voltage electrical testing with Megger's range of solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial installation testing.
Safety hazards, code and regulation compliance, technical complexity, and instrument selection are just a few of the challenges that electricians face, that’s why we’ve developed a range of instruments that can help you deliver projects safely and efficiently.
MFT-X1 Multifunction tester
From simple voltage testers to comprehensive fault locators, our instruments cater to a wide range of customers and applications. Whether you are a service or maintenance manager overseeing complex electrical installations or a domestic electrician ensuring home safety, our comprehensive range of solutions can help.

Multi-function tester for low voltage electrical installations.
Tester for installation, maintenance and fault diagnostics of low voltage installations, including EV charge points and domestic photo-voltaic systems.

About the product
MFT-X1 Multifunction Tester combines all the basic building-wiring installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting tests into a single light, portable, and user-friendly test instrument. While comparatively easy to perform, the tests are nonetheless of high accuracy, resolution, and reliability, in accordance with Megger’s long-established quality standards. 
Megger MFT-X1
Trademarked Confidence Meter eliminates noise effects on loop tests. Results storage and downloading with upgradeable operating system keeps results up to date with changing standards. 
Colour display minimises operator error. 
Ideal for Photovoltaic (PV), Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Point Testing, and RCD installation and maintenance. 

Patented Confidence Meter™ for True Loop™ testing
Eliminates noise interference that produces inconsistence and instability of results, even close to source of supply, while reducing test time to as little as 7 seconds. 

Easy certificate generation and reporting
Save yourself hours of operational work by combining the MFT-X1 with Certsuite™, which makes reporting and certificating whilst on the job a breeze! Test results can be transferred directly to any test certificate or report via the CertSuite™ App on a mobile device. 

User upgradeable operating system
Testing capabilities of the Multifunction Tester can be readily kept in sync with changes in requirements from Standards agencies, local authorities, or any other agency overseeing building safety and operation. Using a standard microSD card, you will be able to remotely upgrade firmware and other features without having to purchase a new unit .

Intuitive interface for ease of use
Enhancing the colour coded test selection rotary dial, range selection is now replicated on the instrument screen, ensuring easy use in poor lighting environments. 
Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction tester

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Why should I choose the X1 over the other Multifunction options?
The MFT-X1 is firmware upgradeable, so you can update the functionality with the latest functions, features and changes to testing standards as soon as Megger release them, free of charge. 
Q2:Do I need a calibration certificate?
The instrument is shipped with a production calibration certificate that is traceable to national standards. 
Q3:Can I get a UKAS calibration certificate for the MFT-X1?
Yes, but this must be requested when the instrument is being purchased, as we need to know the users details. 
Q4:Can I use the MFT-X1 outdoors?
Yes. The instrument is approved to IP54. 
Q5:Do I need any additional accessories to use the instrument?
The MFT-X1 is supplied with a wide range of test leads for most applications, but for testing EV car chargers you will require the Megger EVCA adaptor. For earth resistance testing using the 3 wire ART method you will require the additional MCC1010 earth clamp. For the Stakeless earth testing you will require the MVC1010 clamp and the MCC1010 clamp.  
Q6:Is the MFT-X1 easy to upgrade?
Absolutely. It can be upgraded with additional test methods, features and firmware updates using the file provided on this page. 
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