PVPM 1500X

Peak Power Measuring Device and Curve Tracer for Photovoltaic Generators

The PVPM 1500X enables the measurement of the IV-curve of photovoltaic modules as well as of strings or arrays. By a patented procedure the device can measure and calculate the peak power Ppk, the Rs and Rp directly at the installation site of the PV system. Calculation results and the diagram can be displayed on the internal colour TFT-display.

The peak power is the power of a module under Standard Test Conditions (STC) . So far the very complex measurement of the peak power was possible only in particularly suited laboratories. By a patented procedure, which was developed by Professor Wagner at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, the measurement with the PVPM can easily be performed.

So the quality control of a PV system can be executed fast and economically. This simple and meaningful check in practice serves the certainty of the customer and also that of the installer. Beyond that the measured I-V-curves permit further explanations about the electrical characteristics of the verified module or string. That is why the PVPM 1500X is suitable as an instrument in research and for development purposes as.

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