LD Series of materials testers

Lloyd Instruments recently launched the powerful and advanced LD Series of materials testers that includes five dual column testers ideally suited to test a full range of packaging materials from 5 to 100kN whether paper, plastic, textile or metal based.
The LD Series has been designed specifically for the quality and production environments where routine inspection, production testing and quality testing are carried out.
Whether evaluating raw materials or new container designs, through monitoring the production process to quality testing finished articles, thorough testing at various stages eliminates potentially disastrous product contamination in storage, transport and use.
With a full 452 mm space between the columns and a crosshead travel up to 1070 mm, the LD Series of materials testers features an extra large work area offering the flexibility for complex testing of small as well as large and odd shaped samples on the same machine.
LD Series
The LD Series of materials testers are designed for ease of use. They are designed to automate your workflow, helping to reduce costs and save time, while providing high precision and reliability. A CANBUS interface provides fast, accurate communication between the test machine and add-on accessories such as extensometers and temperature chambers.
All machines in the LD Series are supplied with the NEXYGENPlus analysis software, which makes advanced analysis and reporting quick and simple to perform. An extensive library of pre-programmed test setups ensures error-free testing, while built-in wizards guide users through advanced customized test setups. Test results can be automatically exported directly into 微软 Word or Excel.
Unique to the Lloyd Instruments test machines is the All-Inclusive concept. That means all modules available for use with the built-in NEXYGENPlus software are included in the price. This offers users the flexibility to perform reliable testing adherent to a wide selection of international standards.
With their rugged design, the LD Series of materials testers are built for long life and reliable operation. An advanced electrical design with a modern AC drive and preloaded ball screws ensure better speed and displacement accuracy. High stiffness frames help prevent frame deflection and crosshead movement.
Designed and manufactured in the United States, Lloyd Instrument universal test machines are CE approved and built to last for decades.
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