BriskHeat Launches New Mineral Insulated Heating Cable

BriskHeat Launches New Mineral Insulated Heating Cable

BriskHeat has introduced its new mineral insulated (MI) heating cable. MI Cable is an extremely ver­satile type of high-power heating cable. It has the ability to reach extremely high temperatures where traditional heat trace cable may fall short. MI heating cable is ideal for a wide range of surface and radiant heating applications.  It is ATEX rated and safe for use in many environments with an explosive atmosphere. This new addition allows BriskHeat to provide even more custom heating solutions than ever before.

“We are extremely excited to offer a mineral insulated heating cable product.” said Tony Multon, Vice President of Engineered Solutions.  “MI cable allows us to provide extreme duty solutions for applications where high temperature and high watt density is required”. The high watt density (76.2W/ft) provides extremely fast heat-up and is capable of maintaining temperatures up to 1832°F.

About BriskHeat:

Since 1949, BriskHeat has provided flexible heating solutions used for freeze protection, condensation prevention, flow / viscosity control, vacuum bake-out, composite curing, and temperature process control. BriskHeat’s primary manufacturing facilities and headquarters are located in Columbus, OH. In addition, BriskHeat has a worldwide sales network including sales offices in Taiwan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Germany, and France as well as a manufacturing facility in Vietnam.

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