Medical safety tester guarantees life safety

Medical safety tester guarantees life safety!
With the development of medical technology, medical devices have become the main means for hospitals to obtain clinical diagnosis and treatment information.
The reliability of the data obtained by medical devices, the reliability of the information such as graphics and images, and the electrical safety and performance accuracy of the equipment itself will directly affect the quality and safety of clinical diagnosis and treatment.
The safety and safety of medical instrument is of great significance to prevent medical risks and improve medical quality.
Health regulators have issued the relevant medical device regulatory laws and regulations, standards, etc., for the safe use and management of medical equipment, pay close attention to what we give clear points out the medical devices use the unit need to ensure that medical apparatus and instruments in good condition, use quality guarantee.
Article 650 of the state council of the People's Republic of China stipulates in the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices:
A medical device manufacturing enterprise, shall be in accordance with the requirements of the medical equipment production and the quality control standard, establish a sound and appropriate to the production of medical device quality management system and ensure its effective operation, on a regular basis for the operation of the quality management system in the checking, to the local people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and the food and drug supervision and administration department submit inspection report.
Second, medical equipment units used for regular inspection, testing, calibration, maintenance, maintenance of medical apparatus and instruments, shall be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the product manual inspection, testing, calibration, maintenance, maintenance and record, timely analysis, evaluation, ensure the medical equipment in good condition, ensure the use of quality;
For large medical devices with long term use, the use of archives shall be established on a platform to record their use, maintenance, transfer and actual use time.
The record shall not be kept for less than 5 years after the expiration of the prescribed time limit for medical devices.
As an important part of medical quality control, medical device related detection equipment becomes an important and indispensable tool for medical production enterprises and use units.
Derived from the attention to medical safety, GMC - Instruments has been committed to the r&d and production of professional medical testing equipment, from the most basic electrical safety, optical testing, to in functional medical equipment professional testing instrument, formed a more perfect medical quality management system.
As the manufacturer of testing equipment for professional medical devices, we ensure that life safety never stops.

Medical safety tester SECULIFE ST
Electrical safety tester with iec 60601 and iec 62353
Both automatic and manual test modes can be selected
We can also provide a perfect solution for the measurement of large medical devices for non-standard plugs

Medical optical measurement
Meet DIN 6868-57/157 medical display equipment acceptance test standard
To meet the evaluation and routine test standard of IEC 61223 medical imaging department
Indoor brightness level is controlled according to the indoor brightness level required by DIN 6868-157
Meet the ambient brightness control required by IEC/DIN
Multiple models and function combinations are available

Multi-parameter simulation device for patient monitor
High precision simulation life signs, used to test the patient monitor, ecg machine, simulation of noninvasive blood pressure, blood pressure, ecg signal, temperature, arrhythmia, leak, breathing, SpO2 blood oxygen content simulation, etc
Portable design, hand-held measurement
Built-in programs are used to extend
Medical function test products

Seculife DF +
For single phase or duplex wave output test functions of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic defibrillator, it can be used to test its output energy, discharge time, can also provide the complete pulse waveform analysis, in addition, for in vitro pacemaker, in addition to the test should not be period, immunity, intrusive outside also can test and show pulse information.
SECULIFE IFPRO is a high-precision infusion pump analyzer. All operations can be controlled by the full touch screen without the use of buttons and knobs.
The cutting-edge design is to use a dual-syringe stepper motor drive system to continuously monitor fluid flow without interruption monitoring and intermittent drainage, as previous techniques have done.
The design is being patented and has unique technology in the same category.
This provides a more practical flow for the infusion device in the test, and the test is more accurate.
The ultrasonic power meter model SECULIFE UP is developed to test the treatment and diagnostic transducers.
The ultrasonic power meter of the SECULIFE U series is compact, light weight, high reliability and the performance of the experience card fully meet the requirements of portable test instruments.

The new Seculife ESxtra is a complete real-time test system with more convenient color touchscreen design.
2 ma ma - 7000 radiofrequency current, up to 10 MHZ bandwidth test, 1% uncertainty, built-in step 1 1-6400 Ω Ω impedance, high accuracy of the automatic power load curve test, a variety of load step is adjustable, users can custom test program, make ESxtra in performance is much better than the other RF power on the market analysis of surgical instruments.

With the continuous development of medical equipment as well as to the requirement of medical equipment quality control is increasing, GMC - Instruments will be adhering to the 111 years of history with German quality assurance, to introduce more advanced medical equipment related testing instrument, further promote the medical device production enterprise unit and used for better quality control work.
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