The newly introduced JOFRA ASC-400 portable multi-signal calibrator from AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments is in a class by itself. The highly functional calibrator provides laboratory accuracy in an easy-to-use device that is compact enough to fit into a tool box or operate with one hand for easy field calibration, process monitoring or maintenance functions.

The ASC-400 features an extremely user-friendly interface and high-contrast color display. Its unique “menu-free”, single-window interface greatly simplifies operation, allowing all functions to be controlled or set from the main menu screen.

The ASC-400’s accuracy is designed to meet the calibration demands of modern sensors and transmitters. The versatile instrument is capable of sourcing with simultaneous read-back from device-under-test of mA, V, pulsed transmitters, pressure and temperature.

The calibrator easily performs time saving functions such as automatic switch test, leak test, scaling and online %error calculation. It also is able to perform fast RTD simulation and works with pulsed transmitters and PLCs. Due to “True Ohm” measurement circuitry and CvD equations, the calibrator also can be used as a high-accuracy thermometer.

When paired with the new and improved pressure modules, the ASC-400 becomes a true pressure calibrator with accuracies down to 0.025% of reading unaffected by temperature in the range from -10°C to 50°C.

Co-developed by AMETEK’s Crystal Engineering, the new pressure modules feature fast, safe and easy-to-use Crystal Pressure fittings (CPF) for quick connect/disconnect. The modules are engineered for in-plant, field or laboratory use and are ready to use once they are plugged into ASC-400.

The compact calibrator features a full numerical keypad with cursor and function keys. It can be carried in a handy soft case with a pocket for test leads and an opening in the top that provides easy access to the test terminals.

AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments is among the world’s leading manufacturers of calibration instruments for temperature, pressure, and process signals, and a unit of AMETEK 
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