消防好帮手实时监测及时警报FLIR菲力尔A70智能传感器热像仪,文章来源于菲力尔,秋高气爽,天气干燥,又到了火灾多发的季节!很多企业工厂用电量大、车间内人员密集、仓库易燃可燃物多,稍有不慎,容易发生火灾事故。因此,必须加强防火监察,及时排查消除安全隐患消除火灾隐患。以下是一个美国某生物质发电厂有效预防火灾的案例!Fire good helper real-time monitoring and timely alarm FLIR A70 intelligent sensor thermal imaging camera, the article from FILIR, autumn high, the weather is dry, and came to the fire season! Many enterprises and factories have high power consumption, dense staff in the workshop, warehouse flammable combustibles, a little careless, very easy to fire accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the fire inspection, timely investigation and elimination of safety hazards to eliminate fire hazards. The following is a case of effective fire prevention in a biomass power plant in the United States!

传统消防检测方法不可取 Traditional fire detection methods are not desirable

Biomass One是位于美国俄勒冈州怀特城的生物质发电厂,该企业的业务是将日常运往垃圾填埋场的木材废料转移,并将其转化为碳中和的电力和环境工程物质。为了满足燃料需求,Biomass One会提供安全的木材处理区域,但伐木留下的松散木屑会增加火灾的风险。虽然他们的服务有助于防止森林火灾,但这些木屑一旦到达工厂设施范围内,仍然有燃烧的风险。正是这种担忧促使Biomass One重新考虑其火灾管理策略。Biomass One is a biomass power plant located in White City, Oregon, USA, which is in the business of diverting wood waste that is routinely destined for landfills and converting it into carbon-neutral electricity and environmentally engineered substances. To meet fuel needs, Biomass One provides a secure wood processing area, but logging leaves behind loose wood chips that increase the risk of fire. While their services help prevent forest fires, these wood chips are still at risk of burning once they reach the confines of the plant's facilities. It was this concern that prompted Biomass One to reconsider their fire management strategy.
FLIR A70智能传感器热像仪工厂现场消防管理
工厂现场消防管理需要高度主动的解决方案,因为火灾威胁意味着设施必须时刻保持警惕,随时准备扑灭紧急情况。在炎热的天气里,成堆的木屑会升温并可能最终燃烧,破坏燃料库,造成代价高昂的损失,使工人处于危险之中,因此最好能规避这些风险。最初,Biomass One依靠手动常规检查,但这些检查耗时且效率低下。雇用和维持消防值班人员并不容易,因为工作单调乏味且必须有人长时间站岗,在整个轮班期间需要定期在一堆木屑周围走动。即使Biomass One有工作人员来做这项工作,偶尔的人为错误也无法避免。Factory site fire management requires highly proactive solutions because the threat of fire means that facilities must be constantly vigilant and ready to extinguish emergencies. In hot weather, piles of wood chips can heat up and potentially end up burning, destroying fuel depots, causing costly damage and putting workers at risk, so it's best to avoid these risks. Initially, Biomass One relied on manual routine inspections, but these were time-consuming and inefficient. Hiring and maintaining fire watch staff was not easy, as the work was monotonous and tedious and required someone to stand guard for long periods of time, periodically walking around piles of wood chips throughout the shift. Even if Biomass One had staff to do this work, occasional human error could not be avoided.

7*24实时监控及时警报 7*24 real-time monitoring and timely alerts

Biomass One最终选择红外热成像解决方案,为他们的木屑检查员配备手持式热像仪来检查异常热点。虽然已明显提高准确率和效率,但它仍然存在工作人员长时间手动监控的问题。为了获得更自动化的解决方案,该企业求助于MoviTherm及其 iEFD系统。
Movitherm是专为客户提供各种检测、状态监测和早期火灾探测的红外热成像系统的企业。他们的早期火灾探测(iEFD)系统提供了Biomass One正在寻找的全自动红外监测。MoviTherm的iEFD系统使用FLIR固定式红外热像仪,可轻松集成到整个监控系统中,让用户只在控制室就能实时监测可燃目标,而无需在现场进行劳动密集型的人工检查。Biomass One ultimately chose an infrared thermal imaging solution to equip their woodchip inspectors with handheld thermal cameras to check for unusual hot spots. While it has significantly improved accuracy and efficiency, it still suffers from long hours of manual monitoring by staff. For a more automated solution, the company turned to MoviTherm and its iEFD system.Movitherm is a company that specializes in providing infrared thermal imaging systems for a variety of inspections, condition monitoring, and early fire detection. Their Early Fire Detection (iEFD) system provides the fully automated infrared monitoring that Biomass One was looking for. MoviTherm's iEFD system, which uses FLIR stationary infrared cameras, integrates easily into the overall monitoring system, allowing users to monitor combustible targets in real time from the control room only, eliminating the need for labor intensive manual inspections on site.
FLIR A70智能传感器热像仪7*24小时实时监测
MoviTherm在Biomass One设施的重要地点安装了一系列FLIR红外热像仪,包括高压水枪的正上方,以便在发生火灾时马上做出反应。当热像仪检测到热点时,控制室会收到警报,并将通知发送给相应的人员。然后,火灾监控员复检热像仪的检测结果并采取纠正措施。从发出警报到启动高压水枪,可迅速完成,避免了严重事故的发生。MoviTherm installed a series of FLIR infrared cameras at key locations in the Biomass One facility, including directly above the high-pressure water cannons, for immediate response in the event of a fire. When a thermal camera detects a hot spot, the control room receives an alert and a notification is sent to the appropriate personnel. The fire monitor then reviews the results of the thermal imaging camera and takes corrective action. From the time the alarm is raised to the activation of the high-pressure water jet can be accomplished quickly, preventing serious accidents from occurring.

FLIR A70性能优越 FLIR A70 delivers superior performance

MoviTherm整体火灾监测解决方案的灵魂是FLIR A70智能传感器热像仪,它提供的一些关键功能,使MoviTherm的解决方案成为可能。FLIR A70拥有高达640×480分辨率,可提供总计307,200像素的温度读数,以捕获每个目标区域,这样在火灾探测的过程中,你就能对监测目标了解地更清晰。FLIR A70红外热像仪还兼容长焦和广角镜头,狭小的室内空间和远距离室外监测都适用。FLIR A70红外热像仪还具有智能检测功能和分析功能,可减轻后端所需的处理量。A70还提供边缘分析功能,因此无需现场计算机或专用服务器网络。该热像仪的智能功能还使MoviTherm能够在单个视图中突出显示多个目标区域。其机身小巧方便集成,是一款灵活可配置的解决方案,能满足众多行业客户的独特自动化需求。The soul of MoviTherm's total fire monitoring solution is the FLIR A70 Smart Sensor Thermal Camera, which provides some of the key features that make MoviTherm's solutions possible.With up to 640 x 480 resolution, the FLIR A70 delivers a total of 307,200 pixels of temperature readings to capture each target area so that during the fire detection The FLIR A70 is also compatible with both telephoto and wide-angle lenses, for both tight indoor spaces and long-distance outdoor monitoring. the FLIR A70 also features intelligent detection and analytics, which reduces the amount of processing required on the back-end. the A70 also offers edge analytics, so there is no need for an on-site computer or a dedicated server network. The A70 also offers edge analysis, eliminating the need for an on-site computer or dedicated server network. The camera's smart features also enable MoviTherm to highlight multiple target areas in a single view. Compact and easy to integrate, it is a flexible and configurable solution that meets the unique automation needs of customers in a wide range of industries.
FLIR A70智能传感器热像仪
在投资 iEFD 解决方案之前,Biomass One 要求当地消防部门对该系统进行评估。在查看了 MoviTherm 提供的所有功能后,消防部门对其检测和防火能力给予了高度认可,这是因为消防部门也有使用红外热像仪进行应急响应的经验。消防部门的这种认可最终促成了Biomass One购入。自从安装了iEFD系统,Biomass One再也没有了火灾风险。Before investing in the iEFD solution, Biomass One asked the local fire department to evaluate the system. After reviewing all the features MoviTherm had to offer, the fire department recognized its detection and fire prevention capabilities, as they also had experience using thermal imaging cameras for emergency response. This recognition by the fire department ultimately led to the purchase of Biomass One. Since installing the iEFD system, Biomass One is no longer a fire risk.
深圳银飞有售FLIR A70智能传感器热像仪
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