Red, white, and blue finds peace with floating and PTSD too


Many people look forward to Fourth of July celebrations, which often include fireworks.

While lighting up the night sky is an anticipated holiday tradition, it may be a trigger for some.

The VA says the loud noises can trigger those dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Larry Luzinski is a veteran who said there can be many different triggers for those who've been in combat.

“A loud noise will set them off,” said Luzinski. “Even a book dropping on the floor sometimes will make them think they got to head for cover.”

He said PTSD reactions come in many forms.

“Everybody’s got a different reaction,” said Luzinksi. “Some are just a mild jump, other people are running for cover.”

While there is no way to stop firework celebrations from happening, the treatment center says there are ways for vets to get help for upcoming celebrations.

One suggestion is surrounding yourself with a support system and reminding yourself that you will be hearing loud noises during the holiday week. We also offer our Hands for Heroes program for our float tank. This peaceful environment will help ease the discomfort of loud noises and soothe the central nervous system. While this is  no cure, it has surely been popular among veterans and instilling some quiet and calming time into their lives. 

Thank you for your service!!!