Epsom salt soaks increase magnesium

What can magnesium do for you?

Magnesium plays a role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body, including the metabolism of food, synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, and the transmission of nerve impulses.


The human body contains around 25 gram (g) of magnesium, 50 to 60 percent of which is stored in the skeletal system. The rest is present in muscle, soft tissues, and bodily fluids.

This MNT Knowledge Center feature is part of a collection of articles on the health benefits of key vitamins and minerals.

It looks at the recommended intake of magnesium, its effects on health, dietary sources, and possible health risks.

By soaking in the float tank filled with high levels of epsom salt you will absorb magnesium transdermally, through the skin.

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13 magnesium benefits for your health and wellness

Health benefits of magnesium include prevention of constipation, eclamptic seizures, and asthma. It keeps your nerves, muscles, and bones healthy. It also helps in protein synthesis and cellular metabolism. Magnesium is vital for sustaining a normal heartbeat and is used by doctors to treat irregularities in the heart rhythm.

Other health benefits include its positive impact on reducing osteoporosis, and maintenance of sugar level, as well as its favorable effects on diabetes, back pain, and various psychiatric disorders.

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What Is Magnesium?


Magnesium is an essential mineral required by our body for maintaining the overall health. It is one of those essential minerals that help in calcium absorption by the human body and plays an important role in the formation and strengthening of teeth and bones.

What Is The Importance Of Magnesium?

Medical and health specialists often highlight the importance of including adequate vitamin and mineral intake into our daily diet. Magnesium is extremely important for your health because it is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is the fourth most prevalent mineral in the body and is partially responsible for countless aspects. Roughly 50% of our body’s total magnesium is stored in our bones, while the remaining part is predominantly found in the cells of body tissues and organs. Although the human body is very good at regulating a constant level of this essential mineral, only 1% of it is available in the blood.

Sources Of Magnesium

Natural sources of magnesium include sea vegetables, leafy vegetables such as spinach, and whole grains that are usually major components of a person’s regular diet. Other vegetables that can be classified as a rich source of this mineral include tomatoes, beet greens, broad beans, lima beans, artichokes, sweet potatoesbuckwheat flour, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, wheat flour, oat bran, barley, cornmeal, and chocolate. Also, you can consume dairy products such as milk and yogurt, as well as non-vegetarian food like fish. Whole wheat bread containing bran and germ has twice the magnesium content compared to white bread. Water also has a high magnesium content; hard water has more of it than soft water, although hard water is not good for the body, especially the kidneys.

Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency

The deficiency symptoms of magnesium include pain in the neck and back, anxiety, fatigue, migraine attacks, muscle weakness and spasms, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, insomnia, abnormal heart rhythms, diarrhea, muscle twitching, and Raynaud’s spastic vessels.

When you are under stress, your body tends to quickly deplete its stores of magnesium. One very common symptom of its deficiency is chocolate cravings since chocolate is rich in this essential mineral. Its deficiency can be a major cause of diabetes, depression, and menopausal symptoms.

Health Benefits Of Magnesium


Magnesium is needed to keep muscle and nerve functions normal and the heart beating rhythmically. It also helps to support a healthy immune system and keeps bones strong. It is important in terms of regulating blood sugar levels, thereby promoting normal blood pressure. It also supports energy metabolism, protein synthesis and treats cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Relieves Constipation

Magnesium provides quick relief from constipation, and a high dose of its water-soluble supplements is known to bring relief to even the most severe constipated state. The laxative property of this vitamin relaxes the intestinal muscles, thereby helping to establish a smoother rhythm while passing bowels normally. It also has another property of absorbing water, which, in turn, softens the stool and helps it to pass easily.

Prevents Eclamptic Seizures

Magnesium is one of the vital elements to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Proper intake of its supplements during pregnancy is extremely beneficial for reducing the risk of osteoporosis and increasing the pain tolerance level, thereby resulting in a smooth delivery process and an optimization of blood pressure. Magnesium sulfate is the best treatment for preventing eclamptic seizures in expecting mothers who may have hypertension.

Treats Psychiatric Disorders

Magnesium is known to cure some of the psychiatric dysfunctions such as panic attacks, stress, anxiety, and undue agitation.

Prevents Asthma

Patients that suffer from chronic asthma may be able to normalize their breathing with the help of magnesium supplements that aid in relaxing the bronchial muscles and regulating breathing. Even wheezing and breathlessness can be relieved through the administration of intravenous of this mineral.

Boosts Energy

Our preferred formula for supplementation. Click through link. 

Our preferred formula for supplementation. Click through link. 

Magnesium helps to boost the energy production in the body and it promotes the activation of enzymes to create cellular energy.






Keeps Bones Healthy

Magnesium is directly related to bone density, and subsequently, an inadequacy of this mineral in the body can be a cause of osteoporosis. It helps in the regulation of calcium levels in the body, along with vitamin Dcopper, and zinc. It, along with calcium and vitamin D, should be taken throughout the developmental years and adulthood, since it lowers the chances of developing osteoporosis when you get older.

Relieves Cramps

Magnesium helps to treat severe backaches by relaxing back muscles, kidney stress, and muscular tension. As mentioned earlier, it also helps in the body’s absorption of calcium, which may lead to faster healing of the bones. Cramps in the legs and general fatigue are traditional symptoms of its deficiency. Therefore, proper intake of its supplements acts as a cure for chronic leg cramp problems.

Protects Heart Health

Magnesium protects the heart from irregular heartbeats and tenderly shields it from damage, particularly from muscle stress. It actually calms the nerves, mediates digestive processes and prevents problems like vomiting, cramps, indigestion, abdominal painflatulence, and constipation, all of which can put undue stress on your cardiovascular system. And its deficiency can result in lethal heart diseases.

Controls Diabetes

Magnesium helps to regulate the insulin reaction to blood sugar levels. Its supplements are vital for all diabetic patients as many of them suffer from its deficiency. It aids in regulating blood sugar, thus promoting normal blood pressure. Hypertension is one of the major reasons for an impending heart attack, and it has been found that many people with high blood pressure also have a magnesium deficiency. Therefore, extra nutrients and mineral supplements with magnesium content are vital in order to avoid any medical complications.

Relieves Migraines

Migraine attacks badly affect many people, especially females. Magnesium supplements and liquids considerably reduce the severity of such attacks and also help in reducing the rate of their recurrence.

Produces Collagen

Magnesium is important for producing proteins that are slowly transformed into collagen. Collagens is a naturally occurring protein found in fibrous tissues like tendons, ligaments and the skin. It is also present in the cornea, bones, the gut, cartilage, blood vessels, and intervertebral discs. The more collagen in the system, the stronger those areas of the body will become.

Promotes Mineral Absorption

Magnesium helps to absorb vital vitamins and minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Mineral absorption usually occurs within the small intestine, which ensures the detoxification of many harmful toxins in our body.

Controls Bladder Functions

Many people who face bladder problems and suffer from the frequent urge to urinate may find relief by taking magnesium supplements. Urination problems can come from a variety of reasons such as nephritis, infections or sometimes interstitial cystitis; however, regular intake can bring great relief to these ailments.

Dosage, Float tanks & Side Effects

The importance of this mineral is still not widespread or “a common knowledge”, so many people ignore the importance of its consumption in their diet. Most dieticians recommend 250-350 mg per day of its supplement for adults.

The side effects of magnesium are very rare, but it is important to cover them. Excess intake often leads to diarrhea, because it has a laxative quality. However, if you take it in the form of nutritional supplements, there are fewer chances of such side effects. People with kidney disease or bleeding disorders should avoid taking its supplements without consulting a doctor.

The float tank is an excellent way to add magnesium to your body. One of the most efficient ways to get magnesium is transdermal, aka through the skin. The skin is essentially waterproof, if you remember how your toes become wrinkled when in water for a longer period of time, this is when it begins to absorb water. A 60 minute session is excellent for providing enough time to absorb the benefits of the epsom salts, which contain magnesium. 

Schedule your float today and start beginning the magnesium benefits! 

Schedule your float today and start beginning the magnesium benefits! 



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Floating Offers Relief for Cancer Patients

Cancer. It’s a dark word that far too many of us are familiar with. We all know what a nightmare it is to those diagnosed and to those that love them. Instead of bumming everyone out about how awful cancer can be, I want to offer some real talk about how floating can help cancer sufferers and their loved ones.

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Stress Relief


In a general sense, spending time in the float tank offers a rare opportunity to relax completely. The sensory depravation removes stressful stimuli to wipe away the overwhelming parade of doctors, treatments, and unknowns that affect sufferers of cancer.


In the float tank, you are weightless. You are free from the weight of your own body, that body that can sometimes feel like it’s betraying you. Time in the tank also helps to lift the weight of the diagnosis for a moment.



Pain Relief


Float tanks have been proven by multiple studies to provide relief for sufferers of chronic pain due to conditions like cancer, fibromyalgia, and muscle injuries. The weightless takes pressure off of areas that are under deep stress. The warm water and sensory deprivation allow the muscles and mind to unwind – a treasure in stressful times.


When used regularly, floating can be a seriously effective treatment.


Magnesium Boost


Magnesium – a mineral critical to many cellular functions and metabolic processes – is an important element in overall wellness. As a whole, most Americans are deficient in the mineral and for cancer patients it can be even more extreme.


Popular chemotherapy drugs, like Cisplatin, can cause magnesium deficiency. For someone who is already suffering from cells gone rogue – it’s bad news.


The good news is that the float tank is loaded with Epsom Salt – otherwise known as magnesium sulfate. About 20-30 minutes into the float experience, your body is absorbing magnesium at an escalated rate from the solution. Putting that magnesium back into the body can counteract some of deficiency and allow cells to function more efficiently.



If you or someone you love is fighting cancer, don’t go it alone. Floating can be a great tool to ease symptoms and relieve stress involved in the fight. And as always, Honest Floating sends loves to all those affected.


Give floating a try and book an appointment online today. Honest Floating is located at Hands in Harmony, Massage Specialist & Spa.

Blog beginnings - On Top of the Water

This is a very informal post to share that we are starting a blog! It is so exciting to share what we are learning and to begin to be a source of information for those interested in, or continuing to benefit from floating. We are sharing and hoping to connect you all, find your tribe here! 

let the benefits sink in.