There's nothing quite like your first float. We do keep our location discrete, we will advise this once we schedule your first float. For all the logistics and how to prepare please read below. 

This is for your first few floats. It really takes about 2-3 floats to get acclimated with the experience. We have added on a couple extra packages for anyone that wants to take advantage of this first purchase. Use the scheduling page for options. 

Each 60 minutes appointment is about 90 minutes (and a 90 minute float is approx 2 hours) due to the pre-shower, which is for removing oils from the skin and hair products, and the post shower to remove the salt solution from your skin and hair. The first float is a bit  longer due to the tour and instructions. You are welcome to use the restroom before as well, this will ensure you are most comfortable. 

General costs are $60 for 60 minutes or $85 for 90 minutes, however purchasing a package decreases the cost per float. 

BEFORE your first float read the 3 sections below.


The safety of our floaters is very important, we require all guests to follow the guidelines for substances and tips for to achieve the best floating experience possible. 



Swimming Suit - None required! Floaters go sans suit. 

Water - Bring a big water bottle and have it with you at all times. Half your bodyweight in ounces is the usual standard, increase that during athletic times of sweating or detoxing. 

Change of Clothes - You can surely put back on your original clothing, if you are able to put on comfy clothes and relax after that is great also. 

Personal Products - Please keep body products unscented as we want to ensure the space does not have "sense" inducing properties such as smell. We do provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion.

Hair - Hair brush, comb or other items will be provided but you can surely bring your own. (We sterilize these as often as possible but not after each use.)

Eyes - Contacts need to be taken off before, please bring your case and solution. Metal jewelry will need to be removed also, earrings and piercings need to be removed also. This is for the longevity of the tank and to ensure you are removed from those sensations albeit small but important. 

Earplugs - There is a wax pair given to you here. However, frequent floaters purchase reusable 6 packs from Target.  You are welcome to store them here in a ziplock or the container they come in. Here is the link. 

Shaving Rules - Shaving is suggested after floating and not immediately before. Due to the high salt concentration in the tank water the process of shaving may leave skin open to the sting of the salt. 

Tender - Compensation is appreciated in cash or check. Cards can be ran if need be. 

The Samadhi Orientation


Courtesy of Samadhi Tank Company


The following is what we tell people before they go into the tank the first time. This is what we say: "I'm going to talk to you about the tank for a few minutes. I will include the things we have found most people want to know before their first float.


Many people have some fear or concern before they use the tank the first time. Fears such as being alone in the dark, drowning, not having enough air, claustrophobia, and others. The fears are usually the thought or the idea that YOU won't be in control of the situation, but in this situation you are totally in control. You can go in and out of the tank as you please. You can use the tank with the door completely open, you can keep it partially open, or you can close it. There is no particular way to use the tank that is more correct than another. Any way you use it, that is comfortable for you, is correct.


When you get to the tank, open the door just to feel the weight of it. It is very light. If you close the door while inside the tank, it is completely dark and that may be disorienting. When you get in and before you lie down, open and close the door several times, noticing how it feels different from the other surfaces . If you try to open the door and it doesn't open, it's not the door.”


The Tank is Not Airtight


The tank is designed so that it is not airtight. You'll have plenty of air. To keep the tank air fresh, an air circulation system brings additional air from the room. The air enters at the rear of the tank. You may prefer to have your head at that end.


600 pounds of Epsom Salts, 50 pounds of Dead Sea Salt


The tank environment is humid. There are 10 inches of water in the tank with 600 lbs. of epsom salt and 50 pounds of dead sea salt dissolved in it. When you lie back you will float like a cork. Your ears will be under water. We provide earplugs.


Buoyant Body Positions


You can experiment with the best body position for you. For example, hands behind head, on your chest, along your sides. If you have tension in your neck you can relieve it by clasping your hands behind your head or using a head float!

Keep the Salt Out of Your Eyes!


If you get any salt water in your eyes you will be uncomfortable for a few minutes. To avoid getting drips of salt water in your eyes pat your face dry after you shower before you get into the tank. Also push your hair back on your forehead when you change from lying down to sitting up. If you do happen to get salt in your eyes, have your towel where you can easily reach it, and use it to wipe your eyes.


More Ouch!!


If you have cuts or scratches or have recently shaved, there may be stinging for several minutes. If you have any open cuts use liquid bandage to seal them. Women that are breastfeeding may have tingling on raw or broken skin as well.


Last Stop Before Boarding


Remove your metal jewelry and contact lenses. Shower, shampoo, rinse thoroughly and dry your face before you get in the tank.


The End


Then get into the tank. After an hour passes a signal will let you know your time is up. A few minutes later, the filtration system will begin cleaning the tank. Some people don't hear the signal and if you don't hear it, you will feel the gently moving water as your signal to get out and you will hear the churning of the filtration system. Sit up, stand and squeegee, with your hand, the solution from your body before getting out of the tank. Step directly into the shower, being careful not to touch things with salty hands.


Housekeeping Care


Your body has salt water all over it which you don't want to drip everywhere, please do not touch things, even your own belongings. Shower, shampoo well, and dress. The bathroom has the amenities you need.


Reflects Your Life


At the beginning of each float you can set an intention for what you would like to accomplish during your float. You may also use your float to observe where you hold tension in your body or your mind. You will develop many of your own ways of using your floats. We don't say more because we don't want to spoil your own adventure.





Hydration After Floating


You will want to drink water a plenty the day before, of and for 3 days after due to possible detox effects. So bring a big water bottle and have it with you at all times. Half your bodyweight in ounces is the usual standard, increase that during athletic times of sweating or detoxing. The rule of thumb is, the more crappy you feel after floating means the more crap that needed out! Review any chemicals and processed foods being consumed to keep a cleaner body.

Enjoy your float and check with your guide for any additional information. THANK YOU!