We have brought a float tank to Cedar Rapids, Iowa as of November 2014. This service can help with relaxation, muscle service for athletes, and a wide variety of personal reflection. Lay back and let the tank to do work! 


Logistically a float tank is approximately 4 feet by 8 feet (48x96 inches), which is bigger than a twin but not as wide as a full. and shaped like a box. It is filled with 10 inches of water and then 600 pounds of Epsom salt and 50 pounds of Dead Sea salt, which 50 pounds of Dead Sea salt converts to 100 pounds of Epsom salt . Some float centers use all Epsom salt, but by using part Dead Sea salt we can keep the water cleaner longer. (This is the same model, Sahmadi, we have but not our tank, ours is built into a wall and hard to depict in a photo.) The solution is skin temperature, which is approximately 93.5F. This helps the water and air blend in with the temperature of your skin and therefore the sensation disappears.

Each session is about 90 minutes due to the pre-shower, which is for removing oils from the skin and hair products, and the post shower to remove the salt solution from your skin and hair. The first float is a bit  longer due to the tour and instructions. You are welcome to use the restroom before as well, this will ensure you are most comfortable. Ear plugs are used to help cancel out noise. 

Guests enter the tank at the foot end and then turn around and lie back into the water. The density of solution allows the guest to float. 

This combination of water, quiet and serene provides a place that people are rarely able to access in their mind. The benefits of a float tank has a wide variety from athletic use due to the Epsom salts, introspection for those working on personal development, stress reduction due to the quiet or just a break from the everyday overload of sensory. 

Epsom salts contain magnesium and sulfates.

Floating is part therapy, part meditation, part transcendence, and all relaxation. Classically known as “sensory deprivation”, floatation therapy is suitable for professionals, athletes, meditators and everyone in between, including children and the elderly.  

It has a myriad of documented benefits, including:

Improved health and well-being
Deepened meditation
Heighten self-awareness
Relief of physical pain
Relief of mental stress & anxiety
Improved sleep
Improved immune system
Greater athletic performance
Faster healing process
Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis
Recovery from addictions
Increased creativity
Enhanced problem-solving capacity


Produce endorphins, the brain’s “happy chemical”
Induce theta brainwave states
Trigger vasodilation, associated with a number of health benefits
Reduce levels of corticosteroids, the stress hormones
Increase levels of magnesium, one of the most critical minerals required for electrical stability of every cell in the human body
Decrease the production of Cortisol, ACTH, Lactic Acid and Adrenaline
Improve circulation and oxygenation of cells
… and much more


Floating is a suitable and effective therapy for all manner of recovery and personal journey.

Floating For Physical Recovery
Floating For Meditation & Creativity
Floating For Stress Relief & Relaxation
Floating For Mental Performance
Benefits of Epsom Salts

Float To Your Destiny....

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